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Precautions To Avoid Phishing Frauds

Precautions to avoid phishing frauds

  • Never open emails, attachments, or links from unknown sources.
  • Be cautious of emails telling you to act quickly. This is a tactic used by scammers to evoke alarm in victims
  • Do not respond to any email communications which request any type of personal or confidential information, and do not click on any links listed on the email.
  • Never give out any information that the Bank already has to a caller, text messenger, or email sender. IDFC Bank will never contact you and ask for your debit card number, passwords etc.
  • Avoid entering your sensitive data into pop-up windows.
  • Always ensure that you have installed the latest anti-virus / anti-spyware / personal firewall / security patches on your computer or high-end mobile phones
  • Please report any suspicious calls, e-mails, or messages to the customer care of IDFC Bank
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