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Mutual Funds Glossary, Mutual Fund Investments India-IDFC MF

Mutual Fund Terms Glossary

Annual Report

A mutual fund annual report is provided to unit holders on a fiscal year basis. The report discloses the fund's operations, earnings and yearly performance.


Any holding having a monetary value such as stocks, bonds, cash, and real estate

Asset Allocation

An investment strategy that diversifies investments in different asset classes such as stocks, real estate, bonds, and cash in order to balance risk and reward.

Asset Management Company

An AMC is a company that manages a mutual fund. For all practical purposes, it is an organized form of a money portfolio manager whichhas several mutual fund schemes with similar or varied investment objectives. The AMC hires a professional money manager, who buys andsells securities in line with the fund's stated objective.

Annual Return

The return on an investment over a year's time which could include returns in the form of capital appreciation and/or dividend distribution

Account Statement

An account statement is a non-transferable document that serves as a record of transactions between the fund and the investor. It contains details of the investor, the units allotted or redeemed and the date of transaction.

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