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Inception Date: 08 Jul 2003

IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Medium Term

IDFC Super Saver Income Fund (medium term) is positioned in the short term fund category and invests in a mix of debt and money market instruments. Best suited for investors who want moderate participation, the 4 year average maturity cap makes the fund well suited to offer lower volatility yet benefit from potential fall in interest rates.

IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Medium Term - Regular Plan - Growth
  • Fund Category:

    Debt VIEW ALL
  • Returns Period:

    8.83 %
    5 yrs

Fund Summary

Fund Manager:

Min. Investment: 5,000.00

Min. SIP 1,000.00

Exit Load:

Why choose this fund?

Value of Rs. 10,000 invested in IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Medium Term - Regular Plan - Growth
Period NAV (/unit) Scheme Returns^ Benchmark Returns # Alternate Benchmark Returns ##
Since Inception till 31 Dec 2016 10.0000 7.58% 7.17% 5.89%
30 Jun 2015 to 30 Jun 2016 23.8316 8.44% 8.94% 7.67%
30 Jun 2014 to 30 Jun 2015 21.7628 9.51% 9.56% 8.54%
30 Jun 2013 to 30 Jun 2014 20.5383 5.93% 8.76% 5.89%
^ IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Medium Term# Crisil Short Term Bond Fund Index## CRISIL 1 Year T-Bill Index

Current Value () of Standard Investment of 10,000

Scheme^ Benchmark# Alternate Benchmark ##
26,812.94 25,461.36 21,641.36


Dividend considered here is for Regular Plan paid to Individual investors.

27 Feb 2017 .01 10.1718
30 Jan 2017 .04 10.2154
29 Nov 2016 .13 10.3418
27 Oct 2016 .05 10.2169
27 Sep 2016 .07 10.2494

Face Value per Unit is Rs.10. Dividend is not guaranteed and past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Pursuant to payment of dividend, the NAV of the scheme would fall to the extent of payout and statutory levy (as applicable).

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  • Equity oriented mutual funds - Long Term Capital Gains Tax (holding period is 12 months from date of investment^): Nil
  • Short Term capital Gains Tax: 15%*
  • Dividend Distribution Tax: Nil
  • Other than Equity oriented mutual funds - Long Term Capital Gains Tax (holding period is 36 months from date of investment): 20% with indexation*
  • Short Term capital Gains Tax: As per income tax slab*
  • Dividend Distribution Tax: 25%*

*These rates will further increase by applicable surcharge and education cess
The information provided above is as per prevailing taxation laws and applicable to Individuals who are Residents in India respectively.
^Securities transaction tax (STT) will be deducted on equity funds at the time of redemption and switch to the other schemes.

  • Investors understand that their principal will be at moderate risk

  • This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* :

    To generate optimal returns over short to medium term

    Investments in high quality money market & debt instruments including G-Sec securities instruments

    *Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

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