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Below are the GST numbers of IDFC Asset Management Company Limited and IDFC Mutual Fund.

Sr. No. State Provisional GST number ARN
1 Delhi 07AACCA3262H1ZY AA0706170145952
2 Uttar Pradesh 09AACCA3262H1ZU AA090617026204B
3 Bihar 10AACCA3262H1ZB AA100617009999W
4 West Bengal 19AACCA3262H1ZT AA190617009993Q
5 Madhya Pradesh 23AACCA3262H1Z4 AA230617011651L
6 Gujarat 24AACCA3262H1Z2 AA240617027184C
7 Maharashtra 27AACCA3262H1ZW AA2704171247064
8 Punjab 03AACCA3262H1Z6 AA030617011732L
9 Assam 18AACCA3262H1ZV AA180617007907V
10 Odisha 21AACCA3262H1Z8 Waiting for acknowledgement
11 Chhattisgarh 22AACCA3262H1Z6 AA2206170157385

Also note that for the below locations we are yet to get the GST provisional Ids. We will update as soon as we receive the same.

Sr. No. State Provisional GST number ARN
1 Chandigarh
2 Uttarakhand
3 Haryana
4 Rajasthan 08AACCA3262H1ZW AA080717054794O
5 Jharkhand
6 Karnataka
7 Kerala
8 Tamil Nadu 33AACCA3262H1Z3 AA330717088729I
9 Andhra Pradesh
10 Goa
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